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Rev. Chinchen Returns to Clallam Bay PC

Rev. Dr. Jack and Nell ChinchenRev. Dr. Jack Chinchen and his wife Nell will be returning to Clallam Bay Presbyterian Church on Sunday, July 4th.

Rev. Dr. Chinchen was the pastor of Clallam Bay PC in the 1960's when the current church building was constructed.

Sunday schedule:
9:30am, Report on God's work in Malawi;
11am, Worship service;
following the service will be a fellowship meal with Jack, his wife, Nell, and his son Vann and wife, Christie.

Rev. Dr. Chinchen shared these words with George Eastmen, CLP at Clallam Bay PC, anticipating his visit:

Dear George:

It was great to hear back from Betty Baker that you were open to inviting me to preach your Sunday morning service on July 4th.   I do not think I have occupied the pulpit since we left for Africa 40 years ago - so this will be quite an occasion for Nell and myself!   The church, the people, the town, the area mean more to us than you will ever know.  In marvelous ways, our years there set the foundation for our ministries in Africa that have followed.  A great revival of the church took place during those years and the effects rubbed off on us in a significant ways!!  We constantly thank our Lord, who knows the end from the beginning, for leading us to Clallam Bay during our Seminary years and then calling us in a very significant way.  Our loving Lord knew we needed the church and the church needed us!  Thus, it was a marvelous union.

As Betty has no doubt told you, we will arrive Saturday, by boat and will leave sometime Sunday afternoon.  We will be coming from Anacortes in my son, Vann's, boat, so he and his wife, Christie, will be with us.  Vann was a teenager during our time at Clallam Bay so he comes with a mind full of memories.

Back in the early 60's when we were at Clallam Bay, Salmon fishing out of Sekiu was at its height.  Every motel and trailer park was packed out, as was the church, on the fourth of July week-end.  But those glory days for Salmon fishing have gone by the boards and the 4th is probably pretty much just normal day in Clallam Bay.  No matter, whatever the situation we will enjoy being there and having an opportunity once again to rub shoulders with a wonderful people and be able to share the wondrous Word that became so precious to us and the congregation during our time there.

Yours in Christ,
Jack and Nell Chinchen

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 (Archive on Saturday, July 31, 2010)
Posted by sbeard  Contributed by sbeard



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