My frightful Halloween and a broken window

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My son Ben and I live alone on a farm just outside town. He’s six years old now. We lost his father in a car accident when Ben was only four. We’d moved to the farm because I couldn’t afford our previous home on my own and I wanted to get away from all the eyes. Having people look at me with pity was not helping my mourning process. I wanted a fresh start but I also wanted to stay near to family. The farm was the perfect option for my little Ben and I.  A safe haven of our own. I got two sheep dogs, Shaggy and Sneakers, for company and protection. We’d never had a problem in the house except the fact that it was old. True, it  needed some fixing up, however  I didn’t expect to need a glazier. But last Halloween, a horrible storm hit the farm.

It started that afternoon, the wind suddenly picked up. Some black clouds came rolling in. I could tell something was coming as I looked up and our the window while washing dishes. I sighed, I had promised Ben we would trick or treating with his grandmother. I would have to tell him we couldn’t go anymore. Even worse, I would have to tell her that we couldn’t make it. She’d understand but always really looked forward to seeing him. Just as I finished the dishes it began to rain. A heavy drizzle at first but within the next fifteen minutes it was coming down in sheets. I let the dogs inside and picked up the phone to dialled my mother’s number.

After explaining to her and Ben that we wouldn’t be doing the rounds trick or treating  is started on some dinner. Ben come through from the living room to show me his drawing. As he handed me the picture, there was a loud crack. The thunder seemed to shake the house. Sneakers started howling, afraid of the storm. “it’s okay,” I told Ben, “we’re safe inside.” He’s accepted this but still looked worried. I dished up our dinner and took him back to the living room. I put on the heater and we began eating. Little did I know that the storm was just beginning.

I had to sit with Ben for nearly two hours before he let himself fall asleep. I kissed his forehead and tucked him in. Then I left his with his nightlight on. I curled up in bed with my book. The wind started getting stronger.  I could hear it blowing through the old tree near the back of the house. It sounded like an owl. Great, I thought, as if a creaky house wasn’t creepy enough on Halloween. As the sound of the thunder got closer and the lightning flashes got brighter, the dogs came running up the stairs and into me room. The lightning hit again. From my window I could see that it was right in our yard. The thunder cracked strict afterwards. The storm was right on top of is now. Just then, the power cut.

I hopped out of my bed as quickly as I could and hurried down the hall. Ben called out “mom?!” as I neared his room. “I’m here!” I replied as I felt for his doorway. I turned into his room to find him sitting on the bed with his little torch. I sat down next to him and gave him a hug.

All of a sudden there was huge crashing noise. Ben yelped. I told him to stay put while I went to go check what had happened. He refused. So we both ventured downstairs with his little torch guiding our way. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, I picked Ben up. I shone the torch around the living room. To my horror, there was a huge branch sticking through the large window to my left. Ben gasped. And so did I. The wind must have torn of the branch of the possibly rotting tree. Due to the storm, I couldn’t call out an emergency glazier or even get to the branch to remove it from the window. I locked us in my bedroom for the rest of the night.

The next morning, the storm had passed. I managed to pry the branch back through the window. And called my local glazier company. They got there very quickly to attend to my smashed window. Which was great because I couldn’t afford to have such a security risk. To my surprise it didn’t even cost as much as i had expected. Thankfuly in the end everything was dealt with really quickly and professionally. They were even able to install reinforced glass for my peace of mind.

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