How to write a book

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Writing a book can be a daunting task and many books go incomplete because of this. The truth is, writing an entire book isn’t easy. You need to have motivation and dedication. But first and foremost you need planning. If you plan your book correctly it can help keep you motivated as you write. Not to mention that planning your book will help lessen the pressure of completion as it will seem like a more achievable task.

Here are some tips on how to write a book, how to stay motivated and how to finish your book:

How to write a book

Come up with an idea

Before you even begin to write your book you need to decide what it is going to be about. Ensure that the idea you have is sufficent enough to create enough content for a book. Consider things that interest you. Thing you know about or are curious about. consider what you can add to your idea that can make it more complelling. You can even ask others’ opinions at this point. This may the the confirmation you need to get motivated and inspired by your own idea. These opinions could also help you to better your idea.


It is vital that you so reseach when you’re going to write a book. You should research other books that were written on your desired topic. This way you can make your own book distinct from the others. You should also research anything to do with your story that you may be unsure about. The more you know the better. It makes your book more believable.

Document it all

When planning on writing a book, you need too keep track of everything. When I say everything, i mean everything. Get yourself something to write in. Be it a writing pad or a notebook. In this notebook, you should write down any ideas about the book you have in mind. You can even keep it with you on the go in case inspiration hits.

You should create an overview of your story in your notebook. This should include:

  • Your origional idea.
  • Your research summaries.
  • A basic outline of your book. Outlining the basic plot of your book will help you see where your book is going and how far it has come.
  • If your book includes characters you should make character notes. What are their names? What do they look like? Give a character description. Maybe some background story. Some authors even draw their characters. Develope your characters as much as possible.
  • Write about and describe any places that appear in your book.
  • Plan your chapters, what they will be called and what information you’d like them to include. This will help the writing process flow more easily. It will also help you to keep the book story clearly mapped out in your mind. This way you always know what direction you’re moving in with your book.

Begin the writing process

Start writing your book. Using your notes you should have no problem finding where to start. If you are having trouble starting your book, simply refer to your outline and write a section of the book you feel comfortable with. You could even write a very basic first draft and go back and add in the details etc

It is important to edit as you go along. Check your spelling. Check your grammer. Check for any repetative sentances or paragraphs in your book. Look out for any parts of the book that do not work and do not be afraid to cut them out. The more relavant and well writen your book is, the more people will want to read it.

While you’re at it get a few people to read your book. Ask for their honest opinion and see if they think anything can be added or removed at this point.  Then move onto your next draft of your book in which you alter anything that needs to be.

Tips on how to make sure you finish your book

  • Set aside some time to write each day. If possible treat writing like it is your job. Or atleast a side job.
  • Find or make yourself a space to write. Pick a place where you can be inspired and forcused.
  • Set Goals. Have a total of how many words you would like your book to consist of. Then set yourself a weekly wordcount goal.
  • Write everyday, even when you think you don’t have enough time. Don’t let your book just sit there. Keep it moving forward, progressing. Even if it’s just 300 words at a time.
  • Be persistent with yourself and make yourself to push through any procrastination you may experience. Persist through writers block. One of the best ways to overcome writers block is just keep writing.

Remember that practice makes perfect. And if your first book doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped it would that’s alright. It is normal. You shouldn’t give up. There are always more books waiting to be written.

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